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Joint Venture

Hello Affiliaters

Meet me bobi from nagachikaTeam,

I invite you to participate in promoting a kind of expert advisor tools with proven beneficial and very useful for anyone who needs expert advisor as automated trading tools,

This product was named Nagachika.


3 Easy Steps to Get Sales Commission from participating selling tools NagaChika !!

  • Step I – Take Affiliate Link
    NagaChika listed in the Marketplace, therefore using Click2Sell affiliate system. You can get link affiliate here


  • Step II – PROMOTION NagaChika
    You can use the media promotion ONLINE whatsoever. Three media were highly recommended are:
    1. EMAIL LIST: If you have multiple email subscriber.2. Facebook: a). Personal Facebook status; if your friends that have a business background, online businesses or advertisers on facebook. b). Facebook Ads c). Facebook Group; Your Facebook Group Community, business community etc.3. Google: You can create your promotional video via YouTube, or you want to advertise with AdWords.
  • Step III – Get Commission when Sold

Affiliate commission $66.15 from Price $189.00

Fastest Sales Contest

Gift would you get if you soonest reaches a certain number of sales, without time limit.

(Minimum Sales 25 sales): $200.00

(Minimum Sales 75 sales): $700.00

(Minimum Sales 150 sales): $2000.00

(Minimum Sales 250 sales): $3500.00

Commission payments Fastest Sales Contest made between every month date 1 – 15 using paypal , transfer moneygram and western union.